Our HR Director Awarded as Top 10 HR Leaders in IT Sector by CEO Insights Business Magazine



When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute. – Simon Sinek 

Khushboo Jain did exactly this. Since she took charge as the HR Director of Techspian, our workplace has gone through a dynamic transformation. Not to forget, our HR team is a front runner when it’s a war over talents in the IT sector out there. 

Key Highlights of her leadership: 

  1.   Rewards and Recognition Program

Employee recognition is a mere task that companies tick off from their to-do list. On the contrary, the Rewards and Recognition program became our natural part. As a result, our work culture took shape when employees felt appreciated and celebrated. The HR team built a culture where peers praise each other for their strengths and unique qualities. 

  1. Increased Employee Engagement

Our HR team felt to break free employees from the monotonous work cycle. So, they initiated Fun Friday activities that got us together and helped us to know our colleagues better. 

  1. Gender Diversity Initiative

In March 2022, we almost equaled the gender parity ratio at our workplace (Male – 52.5%, Female – 47.5%). Implies, we provide equal access to our female and male employees to opportunities and company resources. 

In a nutshell, this award recognizes her for creating a massive impact on the organization, business, and people. Further, she continues to revolutionize the HR and corporate support structure at Techspian. 



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