We build technology that inspires people.

Freshers are an integral part of our team. They bring a diverse perspective and are agile enough to make our workplace lively and fun to work.

In the latest edition of Employee Story — we talk to our people about their journey, learnings, and growth at Techspian. We share the stories of our employees, so you get a taste of our culture.

The Employee Story is an exclusive collection of the experiences, endeavors, and adventures of the team. Recently we interacted with Sakshi Munot, Associate Software Engineer—to learn about her journey. See what advice she has for newcomers in the industry. So, experience how her journey began, why she chose us, how it started and how it is going.

  • What’s your journey from getting an opportunity at Techspian to winning the “Debutant of the Year” Award?

I graduated during the pandemic. The time was scary for someone just passed out with zero experience. As an engineering student, I began working on my core skills. 

At the same time, I was looking for an internship position at a software company in Pune. And finally, after a few interview attempts, I was fortunate to be selected at Techspian. I am incredibly grateful for this internship opportunity. I have made all of it.

To summarize my journey till now—being responsible, finishing all project tasks on time, helping other team members to finish their tasks, and most importantly enjoying the process while doing all that.

  • What does growth mean to you at Techspian?

When you are exposed to learning about yourself and focusing on strengths—I believe that’s what growth means at Techspian.From a temporary role of NodeJS Intern to Associate Software Engineer to getting an appreciation from the leadership team. That acknowledgment is enough to continue to give my best. The core values and the people here make it a fun place to learn. The entire experience has had a positive influence on my life.

  • What will you always cherish about working with Techspian?

All the moments I spent here. I love being respected, empathized with, and thanked for everything. Moments like celebrating small wins and genuinely being happy for others’ success are some takeaways so far. 

  • What do you love most about working at Techspian?

Firstly, it’s the people. The workspace shares a diverse culture. You spend time with talented folks across the industry. For instance, in my initial days, I happen to sit next to a guy who was fixing a production issue in the AWS cloud. Hearing my naïve doubts thrown at him, with a gentle smile he tends to explain to me the entire cloud platform. Later I learned that he’s a senior DevOps engineer at Techspian. I love the accessibility I have with seniors.

  • What’s your favorite me-time activity?

  I always make time for myself. And never live my hobbies as an option. In my spare time, I try connecting with new people and explore new ideas. I intend to learn at least one new thing in a day through books, or OTT content.

  • What is your advice for freshers in the tech industry?

Always be on your toes to face challenges. The world does not need another template, it requires another rebel. So, avoid thinking small, be patient and trust the process. Things will roll out in your favor at the right time.

This was Sakshi Munot for you. Elegant, bold, and focused on chasing her dreams. We hope her story inspires you to get going. We promise to bring you more such stories from our people. Till then—stay tuned to our blogs and catch us on our LinkedIn page for instant tech updates.