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NEW YORK- Xeni, Inc., working to bring digital transformation to the industry by uniting travel professionals, inventory providers, and consumers on one platform, today announced a strategic travel technology partnership with Techspian to build a Web 3.0 travel ecosystem.

Xeni is modern infrastructure for travel built using blockchain. The platform allows clients to launch their own web-based travel agency with a custom booking engine, traveler interface, CRM, and payment settlement engine. It offers smaller travel resellers full control over their commissions and an online experience that is currently only available to the largest organizations.

Through their partnership, Xeni will leverage Techspian’s travel technology and industry experience as they build their Web 3.0 travel ecosystem.

“We are very pleased with this agreement. Xeni’s solutions and Techspian’s travel technology expertise put together enables us to set a new standard for our cooperation and deliver a unique offering for travel retailers and wholesalers across the globe,” said Sameer Lodha, CEO & Co-founder of Techspian. “Furthermore, this partnership underscores our belief that future growth in the industry will come from companies that continually invest in improving the user experience.”

Rachel Obenshain, President & Co-founder of Xeni, said, “Travel platform development is complex and requires a great deal of technical and industry knowledge. By leveraging Techspian’s travel domain expertise, we can build an ecosystem that democratizes access to reselling travel online.”

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About Xeni

The travel technology business Xeni, Inc. is based in New York City.
Founders: Sachin Narode and Rachel Obenshain