Employee Story | Krishna Kumar — The Employee of the Year 

“Engineering studies is one of my best decisions in life. I think engineering taught me how to get more done in less.” A Nalanda college of engineering graduate ‘Krishna Kumar’ narrates his journey. 

A productivity hack that has worked for him is taking breaks too often. According to him — Habits and Choices make us. 

Read — what our top performer has to say. 

Tell us more about your role at Techspian. 

I am a Senior Software Engineer at Techspian. You’d find me gathering product needs and developing solutions. I love to see the required solution in action. So, I code or delegate building processes to my team. Moreover, I put a lot of effort and time into training Junior Software Engineers. 

What technologies have you mastered, and how have your past experiences benefited you in your current position? 

I can work well as a full-stack developer using JavaScript and Angular. Alongside, I utilize PHP and Node framework to solve issues, develop rest APIs, and work on the database design. In my current role at Techspian, I tend to not repeat past mistakes. 

Why are you passionate about technology? 

I enjoy learning the technology trends. Because it is one of the fastest growing, fastest changing, and perhaps most demanding industry. So, every workday is learning. The eagerness to fix the challenges keeps creativity and an innovative mindset alive. 

Tell us about Techspian culture. 

It is flexible. Less hierarchy-based chaos and more freedom for quick decisions. If at-all obstacles come my way, I can easily reach our co-founder (Amol Raut). The company looks after your well-being. There is recognition for your hard work.  

What is your team up to and how has it changed? 

I’ve been part of Techspian since its inception. I’d been working remotely for a long time since I joined. But recently, I have been working hybrid. This year (2022), the company has grown exponentially. I see so many new projects and colleagues joining each month. 

Any final words for software developers? 

Learn to detach yourself from the code you write. It is obvious to get emotionally attached to the feature you develop. However, the review process could give you negative feedback. So, you must gracefully accept the feedback and take a step back to rework on the task. 

When you’re working in a team your collective goal should be to develop the best solution. It comes by letting go of multiple alternative solutions that you might think are the best. 

Finally, have FUN. You don’t have to drag your day feeling low about your abilities. Any skill development needs time. You cannot compare someone’s day 100 with your day 1. Take your time. Ask a lot of meaningful questions. You’ll notice improvement gradually. All the best! 


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