Can Gender Diversity Make Firms More Productive?

There are multiple conflicting views on gender diversity in the workplace. The question is: do you have enough gender diversity on your team? More specifically, do you have enough female representation on your team?

Some people call it a feminist era where they feel it is all hyped and not given that much attention. For some, it talks about creating a balance in an organization in terms of creativity flowing around. For others, it is a matter of showing that they are an organization that believes in Gender Diversity. However, the culture does not showcase that.

So, what do you think is Gender Diversity? 

Is it just giving equal rights to women in the workplace? Or is it in a true sense taking them at their face value and genuinely promoting and growing them irrespective of gender?

I would go with the second statement. For us, it is more about celebrating the uniqueness of each individual and making sure they are recognized and accepted the way they are.

Then the question arises—does diversity make a company more productive? Many say yes — some researchers argue that gender diversity leads to more innovative thinking and signals to investors that a company is competently run. Others say no — conflicting research indicates that gender diversity can disrupt social cohesion, making people less likely to collaborate.

For improving productivity at the workplace, most people would point to finding the right people for the job, investing in the latest technologies, or strengthening the company culture. But there may be an even simpler solution: increasing the diversity of the workforce. It is not just about gender parity in the workplace. It is about the people you surround yourself with and learning how to value the unique skills and experiences of the people around you. The more diverse is better able to understand and serve the needs of its customers, which is the key to long-term success in business.

Moreover, gender diversity can get in a balanced and more collaborative workspace leading to better outcomes. Everyone from top to bottom in the hierarchy should focus on the success of an organization and not have ulterior or biased motives around it. Although we might feel right, but, our upbringing and perception may impact the way we react to the different genders.

At Techspian, we do things a little differently. We just put a job description in front of us without adding any filters like what gender fits in, what roles as per the Industrial Age, and that is why we can proudly say the way we have grown has made us different from the rest of the companies. We in actual words talk about gender balance where 47.4 % of our employees are women. That is an incredible number in the IT sector.

How did we achieve this? We achieved this by educating our people that it’s a position that needs to be filled with someone capable. And no other factor needs to be considered there. 

I am so delighted to see that number. We have made a lot of progress in making the company a truly gender-neutral environment, and it has paid off. I hope that in a few years we reach a point where we are known as a gender-neutral company.

Lastly, beliefs about gender diversity create a self-fulfilling cycle, and we are all ready to take our next challenge!


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