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Case Study

How Techspian developed a high-end hotel booking solution


Our client has a travel booking platform that provides info on best offerings globally. They wanted a streamlined end-to-end hotel booking solution. It would include integrated multiple suppliers providing the best rates, loyalty solutions for customer retention, cost-effective travel, and accommodation solutions. The Client is a high-growth, data-driven tech company; they are on a mission to transform the $1 trillion travel and leisure industry. By leveraging AI and machine learning, they are building a consumer-centric online travel experience that will offer both selection and curated recommendations, allowing travellers to book smoothly. 

Project Description

The client assessed multiple alternatives before procuring Techspian’s offerings, as their API response rate and accuracy results were low: 

They wanted to provide hotel booking alternatives with cheapest rates in the vicinity. 

25 Supplier integrations are on the cards in and outside of United States

Solutions Offered by Techspian:

The offerings included deliverance of complete solution which went through the following stages:

Phase 1 

  • Streamlining the Hotel Booking Portal  
  • Implementing a highly custom-build and scalable portal with Python Technology  
  • Customer Support & Backoffice for streamlined customer experience. 

Phase 2 

  • Mobility & App Development 

Technologies Used 


  • Improved decision-making for sustainable choices 
  • Increased Daily Booking rate traffic.  
  • Increase in booking transaction. 
  • Monthly – 150 Bookings 
  • Revenue increased by 200% 
  • Up to 45 daily bookings daily 
  • Recommended Selling Price through our API solutions. 
  • Closed user groups for exclusive loyalty & customer retention. 
  • Zero downtime and increase in efficiency by 3X