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Why Cloud Migration? 9 Benefits of Migrating your Business to the Cloud

The world is evolving and technologies are changing. Today businesses are growing like never before, they are adopting new technologies and exploring the new horizons of high-tech technologies. One of such hottest trend and technology these days is cloud technology.

According to the Economic Times, “The worldwide public cloud services market is projected to grow 17.3 percent in 2019 to total 206.2billion, up from 175.8 billion in 2018, according to Gartner, Inc. In 2018, Gartner forecasts that the market will grow 21 percent, up from $145.3 billion in 2017.”

These numbers are enough to show how powerful the cloud is. This trend depicts a steady increase in the number of businesses moving their applications, data, and other elements to the cloud.

Migration of apps, data, web applications, etc on the cloud, enables businesses to stay connected with the target market, by giving them access to the applications anytime and anywhere using only the internet.

Cloud Migration refers to this process of moving services and applications to the cloud.

If your company is thinking about moving data, workloads, or systems to the cloud, then here are the top 9 benefits you could soon be enjoying:


Shrink IT Costs:

By moving to the cloud get the benefit of cost-cutting as there is no need of purchasing expensive equipment or systems. Cloud Migration is one of the most cost-effective technology.

According to Rackspace, it is analyzed that 88% of companies save money when running services in the Cloud. Having a local server that manages all your data and applications do not even need on-site staff to manage the systems.


As your business will grow so will your databases, workloads, and applications. This will require more storage. Cloud offers the ability to expand the existing infrastructure and providing enough room for applications to grow without impacting the overall performance.

Switching to the cloud means your company has a better ability to scale up based on IT requirements and business plans. For most businesses, this is the most important benefit of cloud migration.

Facilitate Collaboration:

The cloud environment allows organizations to work more flexibly as the data can be accessed from anywhere at any time. This helps the workforce to collaborate remotely, edit, and share documents with much ease and effectiveness in real-time.

In recent times where most of the businesses are working from home, cloud-based technology is essential for enhancing productivity and efficiency. Cloud migration is the need of the hour as it reduces the time and labor which is involved in file sharing.

Disaster Recovery:

Data is the backbone of all businesses. Data loss means you are in a serious problem. Data protection and security is always a top priority for any organization.

Cloud technology takes care of your data. It takes the backup of the data and stores it at a safe and secure location. This protects your data from crises or power failures. Data backup can save you from huge data loss setbacks.

Greater Mobility:

With cloud migration, data and documents are available globally. Employees can do their job and have access to all the documents/applications through their smartphones, tablets, or laptops anytime and anywhere. Having such exceptional technology is truly a boon for businesses.

Data Security:

The data that your business collects maintain and exchange is a valuable asset. Safeguarding it from unauthorized access and protecting it can save your business from financial loss, brand erosion, and even reputation damage.

With cloud migration, there is no need to worry about the security of your data, as it provides full proof protection to your valuable database.

Enhance Flexibility:

Cloud migration offers great flexibility for businesses with fluctuating bandwidth demands. With the cloud, businesses can easily scale up or scale down. Along with scalability cloud also allows businesses to deploy and test applications with complete ease as there is no need to worry about compatibility and performance issues.

Speed up Application/Service deployment:

Migrating to the cloud means you will be able to deploy your apps or documents more quickly. Traditionally it can take weeks or months to deploy your data but with the power of the cloud, it’s all sorted.

Document Control:

Isn’t it cool? To have everything in one place and which can be accessed by everyone and at any time. With cloud migration it is possible! Those bygone days of stereotype email practices to share updated documents are gone.

Cloud offers better collaboration and document control all over the workforce. Anyone can easily edit or view documents over the cloud at any time according to their comfort.

Looking at these advantages of cloud migration, moving to a cloud is an important business decision that can make or break business performance. Cloud is a seamless and powerful technology, which provides a strong pool of resources, and tools for your business.

“Time is money” and with the cloud, your business can save time with hassle-free document sharing.

Isn’t cloud an exceptional technology that every business should adopt? Indeed, it is! To understand more about cloud technology and to move your business to the cloud, give us a call at +91-8600457607 or drop us a line at sales@techspian.com.!

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