Employee Story | Read Why Juby Thinks Techspian is One of the Best Company to Work for.

In the fourth edition of employee story, we got candid with Juby Handly – A Senior Software Tester. Employee story is an exclusive collection of experiences, endeavors, and adventures of the team.

Juby has been with us for two years, and her passion for building ethical and correct software drove her to become a Quality Analyst (QA). Her favourite part of working here is opportunity to work on a project from scratch and using different technologies! Today, she handles various QA processes for software development.

Read from her own words, how her journey at techspian….

  • What’s your role?

I’m part of the Quality Analyst team, and my designation is Senior QA Engineer.

  • Describe what you do?

As a QA, I’m responsible for understanding the user story requirements, reviewing acceptance criteria, and writing test scenarios and test cases for them. Once the user stories have been deployed, we verify them in the QA environment, run regression suites, and then sign off to move the code to the staging and production environments.

I also constantly interact with the product owner and developers to gain deeper understanding of the new features deploying to production. Using test data, I cover all the manual test cases and assign the identified bugs to the relevant developer. At the end of the sprint, all the features are validated before they are moved production.

  • What are your accomplishments of the first year at work?

Travel domain was new to me when I joined Techspian. Working on different projects helped me to explore and gain a deep understanding of the travel industry. I was able to learn new things from each project and contribute those learnings to my next projects. And this helped to receive customer appreciation and ‘Pat on the Back award recognition from my management.

  • What do you love most about working at Techspian?

I love how techspian foster a culture of inclusion and open-mindedness. It is amazing how receptive everyone at techspian is to hear new ideas, thoughts, and suggestions. Since the first day, I have never felt like I couldn’t express what I was thinking, or my words wouldn’t be valued or appreciated. Techspian actively encourages its employees to challenge the status quo and think of ways to make improvements, sometimes many companies are hesitant to do.

  • Since joining Techspian, how have you grown professionally?

I have no doubt become a better tester since joining techspian. Getting to work alongside some incredible people has allowed me to develop better client-side practices. I have also improved my technical knowledge because of working consistently with colleagues who share insights.

  • Tell us about the culture and diversity at Techspian

Techspian always focuses on the culture and diversity at work by allowing to work independently, constantly helping and supporting each other without any favoritism, providing the right opportunities, motivating, and encouraging employees through recognition and appreciation, and including fun activities, for building a great team.

  • What advice would you give to someone who is starting their career in the software testing?

They should be focusing on the requirements they get from the client and be specific about what they are testing. My best advice is to understand the exact requirements from both functional and business perspective for an effective testing. When we focus on those aspects it will satisfy the client expectations and help to deliver quality product for the end customer.

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