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Case Study

B2B hotel booking platform generated $436.6 million in sales


Client is a multi-unit travel industry company headquartered in New York City that has more than 7,000 company-owned, franchised, and affiliated travel agency locations in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico and other countries.

More than 52,000 travel agents worldwide are part of this conglomerate working under a variety of different travel agency brands.

The client has a platform consisting of a unified collection of premium brands that empowers the international community of luxury, leisure and corporate travel advisors to create unique travel experiences for their clients through the world’s leading travel companies.

The project includes a mix of research, IT consulting and implementation for curating an end-to-end ecosystem for customer lifecycle management. Since, the offerings of the platform are customized and based on a recommendation engine according to user’s choices, the Client expected a solution comprising of cutting-edge technologies and streamlined user experience which enables the organization to collect preference points at each customer interaction.

Project Description

The client was looking forward to a well-organized hotel booking solution which will make the bookings, operations & customer support easier for their agents and end-customers. 

Following business challenges were solved during this project: 

  • Agent Support System & Efficient Management of agent hierarchy
  • Training journey of agents & overall lifecycle management
  • Content Management System 
  • Quality Assurance, Testing, Customer Success & Maintenance of the online hotel booking platform.

Solutions Offered by Techspian:

The offerings included deliverance of complete solution which went through the following stages:

With a multitude of projects in the travel technology space, Techspian was identified as the core technology provider for the client. The offerings included deliverance of complete solution which went through the following stages:

  • Technology Consulting
  • Requirements elicitation and prioritization
  • Project Roadmap Definition
  • Technology Implementation
  • Service Delivery and Monitoring
  • Analytics and Insights.

The following systems were the outcome of deep engagement of Techspian and the client. 

Online hotel booking tool developed with agent feedback with state-of-the-art technology for easy, flexible booking, time-saving and profitable. 

Offers hundreds of thousands of hotels worldwide. 

Eliminates surfing hotel booking options by combining wholesale, OTA and GDS rates into a single booking platform, while enhancing your decision-making process with easy-to-use interface displaying images, detailed maps, customer reviews, and multiple search features.  

With this content-rich booking format, including the ability to search by landmarks, neighborhoods and more, you will save time and earn more using this single hotel booking platform. 

Technologies Used 


Added more than 7000 users within first few weeks 

ARC sales of $2.2 billion 

$436.6 million in sales from hosted agents. 

With more than $21 billion in annual sales (including non-owned agencies), Client calls itself the largest traditional travel agency company in North America, offering a home to virtually every type of travel agent. 

More than a third of all agents in North America work under the Client’s umbrella through a wholly owned, franchised, consortium or host agency network.  

In addition to Canada and the U.S., the group’s brands also operate in Australia, Greece, Ireland and the U.K. 

71% of sales from business, 25% leisure, 3% other.